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Conscious design,
with your body in mind

The Vibrant bra is the first bra designed by women, for comfort and health.
Vibrant’s patented wireless technology is unlike any other wire-free bra.

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The Cups

Incredibly comfortable and naturally sexy. The Vibrant bra cradles your body and gives sideways cup support. This patented design creates natural curves. The cups are made with 100% non-toxic materials.

The Straps

They never fall down and they don’t dig in. They’re slightly wider and more centered on your back, improving posture.

The Ribbing

Telescoping boning moves when you move and supports you from every angle.

Comfortable. Sexy. Healthy.

The Vibrant Bra is consciously designed around the elements of confidence. It provides the support and lift you want, with no wires or toxins.
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