The most comfortable bra you've ever worn or your money back.


The Straps

Wider, lightly padded and more centered to support good posture. They never, ever fall down.

Wire-Free Support

Sensitive breast tissue is never cinched. The ergonomic design lifts and supports beautifully, giving you a flawlessly natural silhouette.

The Perfect Cup

Nearly all pads in other bras are petroleum-based. Ours are water based, and formed to make a “sideways” U rather than a vertical U. In combination with our lighter, comfort pads and the position of our straps, lift looks natural rather than forced.

Flexible Sides

Telescopic boning throughout holds your bra in place without cinching and literally moves when you move. Many women report a fit that seamlessly supports and smooths your natural curves.

Adjustable Perfection

Enough but not too much strap is hidden for a smooth back. Always comfortable, never bulky.

Scratch Free

Slightly padded with no itchy care tags.

Whatever it takes to do it right.

Can a bra be intuitive? Can it move when you move? Can the straps never fall down? Can it naturally cradle and support rather than push up and out? Can it be made of quality materials that don’t lose their form and wash well? YES. Or rather, finally!

It took seven years of research, a team lead by award-winning female bra designers, over 70 prototypes and over 500 women who, along the way, wear-tested. The design is so unique it’s patented. It feels different than anything you’ve ever felt. We called the bra Vibrant because our objective was to release the body from restriction, so your electrical body, your lymph nodes, and the volume of your breasts can be free. And so women can feel confident that they look their best and are wearing something on their first layer that does no harm.