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At Vibrant Body Company, our mission is to change how women think about their breasts and breast health. We want women to be unrestricted, empowered and intentional in the choices they make about the layers they wear.

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Meet Diana

Global Brand Ambassador, Vibrant Body Company

Diana Nicholson was a top performing global model with Elite Models for 20 years. From Sports Illustrated to Vogue, Diana knows the female form inside and out. Today, Diana is a wellness expert. She’s passionate about educating people about healthy choices, in regards eating, exercise, mindfulness and environmental choices. Diana is a certified Pilates instructor, health coach, movement coordinator, and is owner and founder of the highly acclaimed Malibu Beach Pilates. Diana enjoys sharing holistic approaches to health that achieve lasting results. Today, Diana trains amazing people from all walks of life, including top models, actresses and CEOs who are dedicated to their complete body health.

Diana knows health, wellness and understands that what women put on their bodies matters. As Vibrant Body Company’s Global Brand Ambassador, Diana helps real women understand there’s a better way to support their bodies.

Learn more at diananicholson.com or follow on Instagram.

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