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Finding your fit is important not only for your
comfort, but for your breast health.

Find Your Fit

To get started, you’ll need a tape measure and your
most comfortable bra as a size reference.


Measure with your arms relaxed. Be sure to keep the measurement tape parallel to the ground.

Inches + 5 = 33
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While keeping your arms down and relaxed, place the measuring tape through the armpits.

Don't see your size?


Measure from the side seam of your bra, across the breast apex, to the edge of your cup at the center of your body.

Don't see your size?

Your Vibrant Fit

Based on the measurements you’ve input, we recommend the following. Remember that the Vibrant Bra will feel slightly different than a normal bra.

36 C
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Conscious Design.

When you put woman's body first, extraordinary things happen. We believe that comfort and health build true confidence -- and this should be a part of the most intimate layer your put on each day.
About the Bra

What you put on matters

Vibrant Body Company was created to do something nobody had done yet: a comfortable, supportive, wire-free bra.
Why Vibrant Is Different

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