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"I received this bra in the mail a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it nonstop.

It is the Vibrant Body Company Full Coverage EveryWear Bra™.

I cannot tell you how comfortable this bra is..."



Everything our company does starts with what's best for women's health, well-being and comfort.

That means that everything we sell is 100% Certified Clean, or OEKO TEX-Certified, which is another way of saying that all of our garments meet or exceed the global standards of human health and safety, free from potentially harmful levels of chemicals and compounds from touching the skin. 

To achieve this, Vibrant painstakingly selects only the most luxurious, highest integrity fabrics that met or exceeded OEKO-TEX standards & verified not to contain any potentially harmful levels of chemicals. This list includes formaldehyde, flame retardants, herbicides, heavy metals, and chlorine. If your bras don’t have this label, chances are some of these are lingering in your underwear drawer. 

All materials we use, including fabrics, are best-in-class -- a blend of European silks and ethically-sourced, safe materials such as a weightless, airy foam we added for superior support.  

To check out more about these chemicals, get educated on the chemicals and their detriments in the Dirty Laundry List. the five most commonly used chemicals in the production of traditional intimates and clothing.