Vibrant Body Company was founded on a simple but human belief – that health, support, and comfort should define the way intimates are designed. We spent 7 years developing a revolutionary bra. One that provides the support of an underwire, without one. No more restriction, no more discomfort. Just great support and true innovation. Materials matter. Just like you. Our bras are made from high quality, breathable material suitable for sensitive skin. Your bra sits across your areola, one of the most absorbent regions of the body. So our garments are made to protect from more than 900 potentially harmful chemicals still used in the U.S. – but outlawed in Europe. All Vibrant products are consciously made with your total health in mind. Groundbreaking design comes patented. Our Vibrant Bra was designed by a woman, iconic bra innovator Heidi Lehman, for women. Heidi’s design for the Vibrant Bra has been so revolutionary that it received a 20-year utility patent in the US & EU.

Raise Your Standards

Not all bras are created equal! The Vibrant Body Company puts the environment and your health first, and this promise through ethical innovation has been stamped with a seal of approval by these top global certifications:


Ensuring use of non-harmful materials to the highest international standards.


The highest standard for Social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


Supporting free, sustainable trade, and improving working conditions within the global supply chain.

A global team with an uncommon goal

Our team came together over a unified dream – that the intimates industry could be transformed to better women’s health.

Heidi Lehman

Master Bra Designer

Heidi is a globally recognized talent with over 35 years of industry experience. She holds multiple patents, including the revolutionary Santoni Seamless Technology, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest lingerie companies. However, Heidi always aspired to create a healthier bra for women. Together, she and the team have made that a reality with the Vibrant Bra.

Roslyn Harte

Bra Designer

Holding over 75 years experience in the intimates industry, Roslyn has been a key figure in the evolution of the bra. A ceaseless innovator, she now has authored over 20 industry patents andis the recipient of the highest acknowledgement in the intimates industry –– a FEMMY award. Ros continues to bring her expertise to the Vibrant team.

Reinhold Burr

Head of Design

Formerly at Triumph in Germany, Reinhold has authored the most patents in the intimates category worldwide. A lead designer for over 35 years at one of the most globally-recognized brands, he now offers his decades of experience to health-focused innovation at Vibrant.

Dr. Rashida Karmali

Patent Author, PhD, JD, MBA

Rashida is a doctor and lawyer, with a research position at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Passionate about innovation at the intersection of women’s health and research, Rashida devoted 4 years to fighting for the Vibrant Bra’s utility patent –– which now prevails in Europe and the U.S.

Michael Drescher


Following a decade of personal research into the body and its response to environmental elements, 7 years ago Michael founded Vibrant Body Company. It had become clear to him that poor breast health could be connected to restrictive underwires and unregulated materials commonly used in bras. He humbly aspires to transform the industry, bringing together a passionate group of experts to develop the utility-patented technology found in the Vibrant Bra and throughout the company.

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