Healthy Intentions

At Vibrant Body Company, our mission is to change the conversation around breasts and breast health. We do this by intentionally creating intimates that are sexy and comfortable, but above all, healthy.

A woman's body was never meant to be restricted. Underwire can constrict lymph nodes and cause irritation. The Vibrant Bra works with a woman’s body to bring shoulders back and down, providing activation instead of restriction. The Vibrant Bra has no wires, but it doesn’t flatten breasts. Our sideways cups are supportive and highlight natural curves.

Our pieces are free from harmful materials—nothing harsh for your body to absorb and nothing irritating on your skin. Many of the most recognized intimates brands use nasty chemicals in their fabrics, including phthalates and carcinogenic amines. Irritants that your body can easily absorb.

At Vibrant Body Company we design intimates that put a women's body, and her health, first.

If it's on you, it's in you

Health has long been neglected in intimates. Intimates are your first layer, closest to your skin, which absorbs everything you put on it. Many of the most recognized apparel and intimates brands use harsh chemicals. Vibrant Body Company changes the conversation. We're always 100% free from harmful foams, fabrics or dyes.

Oeko-Tex Certified

Ensuring 100% non-harmful materials, beyond national and international standards.

B-Corporation Certified pending

The highest standard for social and environmental performance, transparency & accountability.

BSCI Compliant

Supporting free, sustainable trade & improved working conditions in the global supply chain.

Your wardrobe starts here

A natural, sexy fit plus a healthy and conscious design is the ultimate and most intentional luxury.
About the Bra

A global team with
an uncommon goal

The Vibrant Body Company is powered by experience and passionate intimates designers, all you bring both experience and a passion for women's health.

Heidi Lehman

Chief Technical Designer

Heidi is one of the most recognized names in the bra and lingerie industries. She has been the top designer at Triumph/Valsere and has multiple industry patents in her name, including the revolutionary Santoni Seamless Technology, which used by essentially every major lingerie brand.

Roslyn Harte

Bra Designer

The “Grand Dame” of intimate apparel, Roslyn holds over 20 industry patents and is behind nearly every major bra design of the last 75 years.

Reinhold Burr

Head of Design

Reinhold is the recipient of dozens of industry awardshas more patents than anyone else in industry. For the last 35+ years, Reinhold had been involved instrumentally with design at Triumph International, one of the largest international intimate apparel companies.

Jeff Garner

Intimates Designer

Jeff Garner is the US's foremost eco-sustainable fashion designer. Mr. Garner's designs use natural fabrics and dyes, infusing high-fashion with an organic sexiness. His beautiful and inspired creations are transforming the perception of luxury.

Dr. Rashida Karmali

Patent Author, PhD, JD, MBA

Rashida brings expertise at the intersection of women's health reserach and patent law. She has a PhD in Biochemistry, research position with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and JD at Rutgers School of Law. Rashida wrote the extensive patent application for the Vibrant Bra, which granted us a 20-year utility patent.

Michael Drescher


Michael’s dedication to the development of the Vibrant Bra began after a family member enlightened him with the knowledge that we are all electrical beings not meant to be restricted. For the past decade, he has immersed himself in how the body works; from the mechanics of the lymphatic system to the negative impact often hidden and even more often unregulated toxins have on ones’ overall health.

Give the gift of
breast health.

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