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5 Surprising Factors that Affect Your Breast Size

5 Surprising Factors that Affect Your Breast Size

Usually you won’t notice that your most-loved bra doesn’t fit until you notice that the shirt or dress you wear it under just doesn’t look as great. The bra could definitely be the culprit – and one that no longer fits. 

Breasts may shrink or increase for many causes, not only augmentation surgery, and some may surprise you. Here are some of the most common reasons for changes in breast size:

  • Weight Fluctuation - If you see a change in the number on the scale, your breast size is probably the same. Because your breasts are made up of fat tissue, this is logical. If the weight transfer has been substantial, this is more likely to happen (i.e., more than a few pounds). Your cup size will naturally rise or decrease according to how much weight you acquire or lose. A molded bra may help raise and mould your breasts into a more appealing shape if you've lost a large amount of weight.
  • Menopause - During menopause, estrogen levels drop because your body no longer needs milk-producing glands. As the glandular tissue decreases, your breasts should decrease in density/fullness and size. But - not always. In 2004, 18.6% of women reported requiring a bigger bra size than pre-menopause, while 1.7% needed a lower size. Keep in mind that menopause often causes weight gain and water retention.
  • Exercise - It's possible that the extent to which your strength training routine might affect your breasts will surprise you. For instance, increasing the frequency or intensity of your back or chest muscle workouts (the chest muscles are positioned behind the breasts) may have an effect on the size of your band. Because fat loss affects the whole body, including the breasts, it is possible that you may notice a reduction in general body fat as a result of the sort of exercise you are doing. This may result in a smaller amount of breast tissue.
  • Your Monthly Cycle - Not only may your breasts become more sensitive and uncomfortable during PMS, but they can also grow in size. The hormones estrogen and progesterone change during your menstrual cycle, so blame them. Additionally, during your period, your body is more likely to retain water, which may make your boobs look larger. Even though you may notice a significant increase in breast size soon before your period, be assured that it will gradually return to normal either during or immediately after your period. Some tips to reduce the effects of your hormones during your cycle include avoiding high-carb foods, skipping caffeine, and aiming for a daily cardio workout, according to WebMD.   
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding - Your bra size is likely to grow gradually throughout pregnancy as your body readies for nursing. This is because the milk-producing ducts enlarge in preparation for lactation, and hormone surges such as progesterone, estrogen, and lactogen also stimulate the breast glands to expand. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to cup sizes, of course. Your cup size or band size may rise as you become older.

As you begin feeding your new baby, are you looking a little busty?  Your breasts may seem fuller when milk is produced and blood flow increases to the area. However, after you begin the process of weaning, your breasts are likely to return to their pre-pregnancy size. Breasts may recover to their pre-pregnancy size after this shift, or they might be somewhat bigger or smaller than they were at the start of your pregnancy. Fun fact: Breastfeeding may cause one breast to enlarge relative to the other, as the breast producing more milk does. If you're worried about uneven breasts, a padded bra may assist.

Still unsure what's causing the size change? Ask your doc! 

It's a fact that your bra size will fluctuate throughout the course of your life due to a variety of variables. You may not notice little changes, which is why it is critical to get an expert fitting at least once a year to ensure you are wearing the right size. 

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