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Bra Styles 101: The Semi-Demi vs. Full-Coverage Bra

Bra Styles 101: The Semi-Demi vs. Full-Coverage Bra

Shopping for bras can be a confusing, deceiving practice. It feels like it should be simple, but it seldom is. There are dozens of different styles and names. 

So, we decided to look at two of the most popular styles and break them down for you this week, the Semi-Demi or Demi Bra and The Full-Coverage Bra. We answer your questions: what are they, how and when to wear them, and which is suitable for me? 

The Semi-Demi Bra


What is a Semi-Demi Bra? A semi-demi cup is a bra that covers a little more than half of your breast and is designed to give you support and lift. The word "demi" translates to half in French, and as such, the cups on this bra only cover about ¾ to half of your breasts. Also, most semi-demi cups are designed with a slight inward tilt to push the breasts towards the center for more cleavage. The shoulder straps on this style are set farther apart on the shoulder. That's why most push-up bras are also demi bras. 

Who Should Opt for a Semi-Demi? Mostly any woman would be a great candidate to wear a Semi-Demi bra since the half cup shape works for most breast shapes.

If your breasts are fuller at the bottom than at the top, the demi bra will fit well. But it's basically a personal preference on how supported you want to feel and how much cleavage and skin you'd like to show while wearing it. 

Don't assume the size is the same for a semi-demi as your other bras. You'll likely size up since there is less bra to go around than a full-coverage bra. Bra sizes are often not fluid between different types of bras.

How and When Should I Wear a Semi-Demi Bra? A semi-demi bra is perfect to wear under a going top, tank dress, any v-neck or scoop neck that shows off your feminine neckline and décolletage. 

Because semi-demi bras provide you with more support and security than a bralette or strapless bra, you can wear them for a full day or night out and feel comfortable, lifted, and supported. That's the magic of this innovative design- it's built for endurance and, beautiful design & comfort. The semi-demi cups feel empowering as your feminine shape is emphasized. You'll feel like a supported seductive goddess.

When shouldn't you wear one? When you want to wear a top or dress that shows off your shoulders, like a boatneck shirt. Keep that beauty in the drawer; it's not her time to shine. Semi-demis and looser summer tanks or camis may not mix well either, as the strap may appear when the top is tugged on when you throw a purse over your shoulder or lean over in conversation. 


The Full-Coverage Bra

What is a Full-Coverage Bra? A full-coverage or full-cup bra is part of your First Layer that provides comfortable coverage and support for all bra sizes. It is most preferred by women with larger breast sizes. Their most common distinguishing feature is a design that wholly contains a woman's breast tissue and prevents spillage around the top, side, and back. It does this with slightly wider straps on the shoulders and wider fabric around the sides. The features combine to give the wearer a confident, smooth all-day appearance.

With the correct size and fit, full coverage can transform the appearance of your breast shape.

Who Should Opt for a Full-Coverage Bra? All women will enjoy the benefits that this style provides. Those who gravitate towards this style tend to be women with greater breast tissue. 
Unsurprisingly, moms with toddlers love this style because your breasts are secured and won't fall out when grabbing little ones (and their toys!) off the floor. Others who gravitate to this style are women who may spill out of bras with lesser coverage, mothers who have breastfed or found that they've lost firmness, and petite women who wear small band sizes and large breasts. 
When Should I Wear A Full-Coverage Bra?  This style is an all-star of the bra drawer. The full-coverage bra can play a variety of roles. From professional attire to t-shirts and under anything while pregnant or nursing. Full coverage bras are perfect for work, school or evenings – anytime you want a little more coverage. Especially if you prefer modest garments, this is your choice, as you can keep all eyes on you and not your cleavage. 
However, don't think these can't be sexy if you wish. A full-coverage bra worn under a smart-fitting turtleneck will give your figure the most womanly shapeliness and allure. 
T-shirts are my favorite to wear with them because they do what lower cut styles can't and provide a smooth style without a potential bra line. Also, sweaters, turtlenecks, looser fitting, high coverage tops, or dresses work great with this bra style.
So, What is the Difference between a Full-Coverage and Semi-Demi Bra? 

The main difference lies in the coverage. What you should get lies in preference. 

A full-coverage bra gives you a more covered look, and secure feel, and a demi bra shows off more skin. Ultimately, it's up to preference and what you are wearing them under to decide which is the right bra for you! 


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