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Why Your Bra Straps Are Slipping

Why Your Bra Straps Are Slipping

Ask an Expert: Heidi Lehmann, master bra designer of 30 years, sheds light on this pressing (and slippery) bra problem. 

Uncomfortable Bras vs. A Woman’s Body 

We’re with you – Bras can be just the worst. They certainly don’t have to be. They’re one of the first layers we put on in the morning and the first we take off at night — sometimes, as we walk in the door, as soon as we’re in the comfort of home. Women spend nearly half of their lives in a bra and an ill-fitting one can cause restricted lymphatic flow, skin damage, and even heartburn. 

“Women’s frames are naturally built with more narrow shoulders than our male counterparts, so that is why our silky bra straps laying in this area are able to move more freely. It’s simply the natural slope of our bodies.” but she says at this time in our history, it’s simply no longer acceptable to expect this is the norm. 

To get to the bottom of why these essential elements of our lives get so complicated, we have the assistance of our internationally-acclaimed bra designer and expert, Heidi Lehmann. Formally educated and trained in Germany, Heidi knows the ins and outs of bras and underwear.

So, Why Do My Bra Straps Slip Off My Shoulders?

Slipping straps are often an issue for women, especially those with narrow shoulder frames, which is a group of about 60 percent of women. But likely every woman has encountered this annoying issue to no avail. While straps are only supposed to support about 10 percent of your breast’s weight, they must provide enough critical support or the set will just fall off your shoulders. And as Heidi says this is a normal issue – it doesn’t need to be with some easy measures. 

Easy Fixes for a Slip-Free Day

  • To counteract this slope, Heidi recommends always checking the length of the strap — if it is adjusted with too much length, you’re destined for a slip. A common reason our straps are suddenly slipping is that we did not readjust after the bra was washed, as washers and dryers tug at the straps and elongate them. Adjust accordingly! 

  • Make sure your straps are tight enough to provide support, but not so tight that they pull up your bra back.

  • While we are in a hurry in the morning to get ready, ensure your bra is placed correctly by reaching back and pulling it down so that the bra is under your shoulder blades and even with the front of your bra. When we fail to do this, the bra is left too high on our backs, the front then slumps and straps are easy to come loose.

    Simply put, “one must buy a bra that fits one’s frame,” she insists.

    You will know it’s the correct bra for you if the strap sits in the ideal spot, next to the shoulder joint rotator cuff, working with your body's movement and warmth.

    With your best bra, constructed to fit a woman’s curve and work with our natural movement, we think these tricks will take you to the next level in your first layer—slip-free and secure.

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