It’s time women learned the shocking truth about their underwear…

The average woman spends about half her life in a bra.

Yet most traditional bras are made with wires that will often constrict your lymphatic system and unregulated chemicals in the dyes, fabrics, and foams that can make you sick. Many bras and panties even come with a warning label because they’re full of chemicals that are flammable. 

Crazy right?

We aspire to change the way women feel and think about
their breasts, their bras, and their first layer.

Have you ever thought about why you wear a bra?

Is your bra killing you?

“It’s not about selling more bras. It’s about giving you a choice.”

“Like many of us, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of watching people I care about battle breast cancer. At first, I didn’t understand why this was happening to so many women I knew and loved. But after doing my research and speaking with dozens of experts, it became clear that many traditional bras could be a contributing factor.

My questions and research led me to understand that undue restriction (like wires within bras) inhibit the lymphatic system. And when you combine restriction with unregulated chemicals sitting on one of the most porous areas of the female body, this can lead to potentially harmful toxins being absorbed directly into your skin. And it’s not just for a minute or a day. It goes on for months, years, and even decades. It’s a cumulative effect.

Our position at Vibrant Body is that of education and choice. If you choose to never wear a bra again, we support you. If you elect to wear a bra, we hope you try ours. Either way, always remember that our bodies are meant to move, so no matter which bra you wear, please take it off when you get home and never sleep in it.”

Michael, Founder
the Vibrant Body Company

Everything we do starts with what’s best for a woman’s body


While traditional intimates contain many of the chemicals and compounds on our Dirty Laundry List, all of our materials are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they’re free from potentially harmful toxins. We also use water-based foam, ensuring your boobs are as comfortable as they are healthy.


Instead of designing for sex appeal, we designed for health. You’ll never find wires or anything that constricts the natural shape of your body, but you will find unique details like our “C-shaped” cup, which creates lift while minimizing bulges and side boob.


All of our materials are soft, light, breathable, and stitched to feel like a second skin. Our bra is also ergonomic, which offers support for your back and shoulders, while promoting movement within your delicate breast tissue.


We aim to produce products that bring no harm to the wearer, the environment, or the workers who craft them. This commitment comes to life through sustainable fabrics, packaging, shipping, and fair labor practices throughout our factories.

Certified to be free from potentially harmful toxins

Certified to be free from potentially harmful toxins

Fair and ethical treatment for all of our workers

The team that’s cleaning up the intimates industry

Meet the people who are leading the “clean clothes” revolution, starting with the products closest to your skin.

Heidi Lehmann
Master Bra Designer
Heidi is one of the world’s leading experts on bra construction and design. She has worked with top intimates brands including Jockey, Hanes, Soma, Triumph/Valsere, and now, Vibrant. She has multiple industry patents in her name, including the revolutionary Santoni Seamless Technology, which is used by most major lingerie brands.
Dr Rashida Karmali
Rashida is a doctor and patent attorney with a research position at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Rashida’s background in cancer research and women’s health influenced our approach to design, while her legal skills won us a utility patent for our Smart Cup technology.
Reinhold Burr
Partner & Designer
Before starting BraClub, Reinhold spent decades working for Triumph International, a top lingerie manufacturer in southern Germany. Like many on our team, he is also a worldwide bra patent holder. Today, Reinhold is using his expertise to help us develop some of the world’s most innovative intimates.
Michael Drescher
After losing friends and family to breast cancer, Michael wanted to know why. During his journey, he discovered that traditional bras may be a contributing factor to the breast cancer epidemic, and from there, Vibrant was born. It took nearly a decade, but today, he and his team are proud to offer bras, panties, and camis that don’t just look good, but are good for you.

Forever Teammate

Roslyn Harte
Before passing on, Ros was known as the “Grand Dame” of intimate apparel. She was a worldwide bra patent holder, a 3x Femmy Award winner, and the inspiration behind our brand. We miss you, Ros!

Battling breast cancer, one bra at a time

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