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The Toxic 6

The Toxic 6

Most women aren’t aware that the breasts are one of the two most porous areas of the body, meaning that these areas are prone to absorbing more of what you put on them.

This is why you might have already been looking at clean cosmetics, and one of the reasons they’ve become so popular. Because your face deserves harmless products if it’s absorbing it, right?

So we’ve asked ourselves, why hasn’t clean intimates come to the forefront until now?

The truth is, manufacturers have some dirty laundry of their own. They use thousands of substances to produce clothing and 99% of those substances aren’t required to show up on clothing labels.

Vibrant Body Company's Toxic 6 List

 Educating women about why "clean" is important in the purchase of all bras, tank tops and underwear that touch their first layer of skin. Just as clean beauty brands have defined the ingredients they'll never use in their formulations (BeautyCounter's "Never List" and Drunk Elephant's "Suspicious Six"), Vibrant is educating consumers through our "Toxic 6 List". These are the harmful toxins women will never find in any Vibrant products.



The dirty secrets the intimates industry doesn’t want you to know

There are over 1,000 compounds that have been declared illegal for use in products in Europe, Canada, South Korea, as well as many other countries, but only 40 of these substances have been banned in the US.

Furthermore, there is no law in the US that regulates or requires the listing of materials outside of fabrics involved in the production of our clothing.

Many companies have tried to put a band-aid on this issue, for example using organic cotton, but just because it’s organic cotton doesn’t mean it’s not processed or treated with the same chemicals.

And that’s not even considering the environmental factors of producing intimates. Foam factories who produce many of the intimates industry products are some of the largest polluters on the planet. You can see why we and thousands of women just like you have expressed their frustrations, and demand better from the companies that make what we wear & put on our bodies.

After seven years and 80 prototypes, we blazed a new path forward in the intimates industry by creating a responsible, sustainable company that gave women’s bodies what they deserve; a “clean” bra with wireless support and comfort for all day wear.


We’ll never put anything in our products that aren’t best for a woman's body.

While traditional intimates contain many of the chemicals on our Toxic 6 List, everything Vibrant makes has been certified by OEKO-TEX®, an independent non-profit Swiss agency.

To attain OEKO-TEX Standard 100® certification, all components of a garment must be tested and found to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.