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Living a Clean Lifestyle: Because Health & Style Shouldn’t Be Either/Or


We are rethinking what we come up close and personal with, and nothing gets closer than our First Layer. The more we realize our market power, the clearer we get about how to use it. Both the female categories of feminine hygiene and bras are huge businesses with a lot of alternatives, and demand for clean solutions is increasing as women understand more about their bodies and what they will and will not accept.

Health first, education always.  

Pads and tampons loaded with industrial chemicals, color dyes and perfumes are being replaced with menstrual cups, period underwear, and organic cotton that protect our most vulnerable parts instead of flooding them with potentially harmful chemicals. The shift shows a growing demand for clean products that don’t hurt the environment or our bodies. 

It’s also a sign that old taboos about periods are finally falling away. #Periodtok on Tiktok is a great example of how far we’ve come from the embarrassment past generations suffered for living with female reproductive parts. 


Chemicals pass through the skin in a process called dermal absorption. Our pores interact with the environment, breathing in whatever we expose to. First Layers, bras, and underwear, come the closest, covering our skin’s most porous areas. Which is to say, most vulnerable. 

We trade stories and share facts. Like the get-your-attention class-action lawsuit that took on an airline giant for mandating uniforms treated with chemicals and heavy metals that caused flight attendants hair loss, skin rashes, nose bleeds, and other severe symptoms.

Information is power, and the more we know, the less we settle for bad options. If it's on us, it's in us. 

Clean clothing is the next wave of clean living, a lifestyle choice that goes beyond what we eat to what we let touch us. And once we start looking at what’s touching our skin, we can’t look away. 

Did you know that there are over 1,000 chemicals banned in Canada and Europe that are still legal in the United States where the clothing industry is still significantly less regulated? It's true and less people know about that fact than we'd like so be the advocate for your friends and family. 

It is clear that consumers are taking significant steps toward cleaner living with the products we buy and the brands we support. The global women’s health market is projected to be a 4.7 billion dollar industry by 2027. We’re waking up to our power, raising the standard for companies to keep consumers safe or lose us all together.  

As we change our personal practices, we shift the market with our demand, and the whole world begins to change with us. When we get together, we’re that powerful.

We want to be safe, but we’re not settling for safety alone. We want to be comfortable, too. We want to feel good in our First Layers. We want bras that we forget we’re wearing, not bras we can’t wait to take off.

It’s 2022 and bra technology is still in need of an overhaul. 

Underwire bras provide support and lift to those with larger breasts, however the underwire and the foam that surrounds it are chemically treated and have been related to breast cancer in certain studies. Underwires can also cause back and neck pain, skin irritation, and general all-over discomfort. 

Constrictive bras aren’t just painful, they restrict the lymphatic system causing a buildup. The lymphatic system is how our body detoxifies, and when it gets restricted, it can’t do its job.  Smaller cup sizes have a lot of options for style and fit, but for women with bigger breasts, finding a comfortable First Layer that looks good isn’t easy. So, we’re done settling for bad options. We’re asking for more.

Because health and style shouldn’t be “either/or” 

We want companies that listen when we ask them to create beautiful, long-lasting, comfortable, clean undergarments. We know enough now not to settle for less. We know enough now not to settle at all.

That's why Vibrant is leading the clean industry in the United States to transform the standard of undergarments. Vibrant listened in creating a First Layer -- our bras and undies -- that support and protect women's most vulnerable parts using updated design technology for the modern woman who values health and putting her best foot forward.