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How Clean Food Evolved into a Healthy Lifestyle

How Clean Food Evolved into a Healthy Lifestyle

Clean lifestyles, clean eating, clean bras.

What does cleaner living have to do with my lifestyle? Turns out... a lot. 

Let's rewind. The clean food movement we all know so well in the early 2000s after decades of diet culture left consumers hungry, tired, and ready to try another way. Eating clean was about food before it became about lifestyle. 

The core principle of clean food is simple.

Deprivation doesn’t feel good to our bodies, but neither do heavily processed refined foods. If we can eat the way we were designed to, we can feel the way we were born to. We want to feel good in our skin. We want our bodies energized to live their full purpose and potential, and when we’re not living that way, we can feel it.

Our bodies let us know they were meant to feel better. 

Clean eating begins with foods that are as natural, organic, untreated, and unprocessed as possible, but it’s also about so much more. Studies show consumers want to feel better in their bodies - so what can we do about it?  

Learn more and make wise choices based on the facts. We love diving into topics such as the connection between gut health, chemicals and immunity; metabolic health’s impact on weight management; eating to improve mental health, and personalized nutrition. Explore on your own, it's an adventure. 

When we’re eating and living clean, we feel it.

We have more energy and better mental clarity. We feel good. 

If we’re constantly tired, cloudy, sluggish, flying high to crash and burn, wishing we had the energy to do more but having a hard time finding it, we have that feeling that cleaning up our lifestyle is going to help. 

So why isn’t everyone thinking of living cleaner? 

Clean food retailers like Whole Foods are popular with consumers who can afford them, but for many Americans, the brands are out of reach. Mainstream grocers with lower prices are hustling to catch up, but they’re not there yet. 

While natural food brands have become widely mainstream, there’s still a big disparity in cost. Consumers want to live clean, and the better access they get to affordable options, the healthier choices they make.

Socioeconomics aside, clean eating has gotten lost in translation with brands that misrepresent its message. The clean movement has a reputation for elitism, for making false medical claims, causing disordered eating, promoting wild diet trends like juice cleanses and long term fasting, and the growth explosion in the industry, too, means almost everything has by now been called a superfood. 

Clean eating isn’t that complicated, though, and it isn’t controversial. At its core, the movement is about eating intuitively, nourishing our bodies so we can live our lives with energy, feeling good in our skin.

The clean lifestyle is an extension of that idea promoting feel-good bodies that are well cared for so they can best support us in the lives we want to live. 

Our bodies weren’t designed to live in environments saturated with nasty chemicals. The world wasn’t meant to be something we have to detox from. This planet is our natural environment, and it’s time we got back to where we started, living in a world that nurtures our bodies instead of harming them. 

To get back to good health, we have to choose differently. 

We have to get clear about how we want to feel, and we have to make choices that support our vision. We have to set new standards for companies to meet so the products we buy align with the kind of world we want to live in. The clean food movement is proof that consumers want to feel better, and that means more than what we eat. 

It’s how we live. 

It’s the standard we set for every product we buy. 

We can’t wait for companies to catch up. We have to get them there by buying differently, by demanding better. 

Because clean living isn’t aspirational, it’s essential. 

As we come together around the principles of clean living, we become a consumer market impossible to ignore. Clean food expands into clean skincare, clean household products, clean clothing, and a cleaner, more natural way of being all around. A return to where we started. A new beginning. 

Clean living is about honoring our bodies, and treating them with the respect they deserve for carrying us through this world. When we begin to see ourselves this way, everything around us starts to change.

Vibrant Body believes the first layer is an ideal place to start making better choices for what we let into our bodies through the fabric we let closest to our skin, a feel-good choice we can live in.

Clean living is a way back to the way we were always meant to feel. 

It’s evolution and expansion into the lives we’ve longed to live with the full joy of clear purpose. A pure state of being. If we didn’t know it was possible, we wouldn’t reach for it. 

Clean living is the freedom to make the right choices for our bodies and for our world. 

Join us. 


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