The conversation around women's health and intimates has been ignored for far too long .

At Vibrant, we want to change the relationship a woman has with her First Layer. No longer something to rip off at the end of the day, but instead something that is outrageously comfortable, incredibly supportive and also not harmful to her health because of unnecessary restriction and potential exposure to harmful levels of toxins. We start with a women’s Body First™. 

The problem with wired bras is that they’re not only uncomfortable, but they work against your body’s natural shape instead of with it.

In our EveryWear Bra™ the support comes from the cups, not an underwire. After 7 years and 80 prototypes we designed a bra so revolutionary that it has its own Utility Patent. Not to mention bragging rights that it is truly the most comfortable, wireless constructed bra you will ever put on your body. Think - the comfort of a bralette with the look and support you wish it gave you.

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Every detail, from the materials we choose to the way we design and manufacture, reflects our commitment to sustainability and conscious living.


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